"PrintProf" LLC has a quality department engaged in selective control at 4 stages of the product lifecycle:

  1. incoming inspection of basic raw materials and materials for compliance with quality indicators (self-adhesive paper, cardboard, film, plastic/cardboard sleeve, etc.);
  2. rapport control at the stage of launching products into print;
  3. control of finished products in ongoing production at the stage of printing and cutting;
  4. control of finished products at the packing area.

The quality department is equipped with all necessary equipment, which undergoes annual verification and calibration procedures in order to control the main parameters:


  1. raw material
  2. sleeve (plastic, cardboard)
  3. finished products

The quality department aims at continuous development and improvement of the stability of the quality of materials and finished products, therefore


  •  The necessary equipment is timely updated and purchased;
  •  Third accredited laboratories are involved to conduct tests on safety indicators;
  •  business processes are improved;
  •  audits of suppliers are carried out;
  •  Every reference of the client is registered and analyzed in details with development of preventive and corrective actions;
  •  the employees of the company are informed about all the problems of the clients with visualization of each episode on the quality board;
  •  Regular in-house quality training is provided to production employees.