"Printprof" LLC has contracts with manufacturers of materials from Europe. For example, thermal paper, which can be purchased in Finland, France, Sweden and Italy. This allows our company to find a unique solution and make thermal transfer labels and other printed products, ideally suited to the conditions of application in your enterprise.
We always have an opportunity to pick up the raw material, similar in properties and quality, from another supplier, if it is absent at the first one. It is also possible to pick up inexpensive material and make cheaper, but no less quality, consumables.

Thermal transfer labels (also known as thermal labels) are self-adhesive labeling products. They are printed by thermal transfer of ink from the ribbon. This method of application makes it possible to achieve image stability and resistance to mechanical damage during long-term operation. Therefore, thermal transfer labels are popular for labeling products with long shelf life and pasting goods during shipping.

Thermal transfer labels are made of paper or cardboard without a protective coating (ThermoEco) and with a protective coating (ThermoTop). Buy thermal paper and cardboard from our warehouses. We also have a modern thermal label production facility, so you can order printed labels from us.